Base64 Converter

Converter Base64, uma ferramenta online simples: você pode codificar e decodificar, basta colar o texto para codificar para base64 ou colar um código base65 para decodificar.

Users can quickly encode or decode base64 data with the base64 converter.

The converter offers unique options to encode or decode a string to base64 and vice versa.

What is the best way to use it?

Follow the steps below to use the base64 converter:

In the input field, type or paste the information.

In the list of possibilities, select the desired encode and decode button.

When you press the button, base64 strings are encrypted or decrypted and an exact result is generated.

What exactly is base64?

It is a base 64 number system that uses the 64 distinct digits represented by the 6 bits.

The Base64 encoding method transfers 8-bit information over a 7-bit data route using the 7-bit ASCII characters used in email.

The data is separated into six bits and transformed into various alphanumeric characters at this point.

What is the benefit of using Base64 Encoder/Decoder?

When you need to encode or decode binary data, you will want to use the Base64 Encoder Decoder.

The resulting data will need to be stored and transferred using media designed to handle textual data.

The 64-bit decoder allows you to decode an infinite number of characters without any problems.

It is often used by a large number of people as it has the following characteristics:

Encode Base64

In a matter of seconds, you can encode any string or query with this function.

If you encode "Base64", you will get the following result:


Decode Base64

The online decoder allows you to decode files in base64 format with a single click.

The following is the result of decoding the text "Base64":

“Hello world”