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Change text to uppercase is a useful online tool that allows you to change all text to uppercase. Just copy and paste the text into the text area below and click the convert text button.

About Convert text to uppercase tool

Convert all text to uppercase. Here's an illustration. Hello replaces the word HELLO.

The first three letters of the alphabet in Latin script are A, B, and C in capital letters, and a, b, and c in lowercase letters. Cyrillic is another Western language that uses uppercase letters. Some languages do not use uppercase letters. Normally, if a letter has an uppercase, it also has a lowercase counterpart. Whether to use capital is usually determined by grammar rules and norms, although stylistic elements such as the title can also affect when to use uppercase. Proper nouns are frequently capitalized.

Acronyms like ASCII and HTML are frequently written with all letters in uppercase. The capitalization of a proper noun, the first word of a phrase, the names of days and months such as Monday and January, and the names of religious and non-religious festivals such as Christmas and Memorial Day all use an initial upper case letter. Sometimes you'll find html instead of HTML, although this isn't regarded conventional style and should be transformed to upper case. Other examples of upper case usage can be found in books like the Chicago Manual of Style.