Word Counter

Word and Character Counter is a useful online tool for you to know the number of words in an article or book. Just paste your text and it will automatically count.

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What is the purpose of Word Counter?

Simply place your cursor in the text box above and begin typing to check the word count. As you type, delete, and modify, the amount of characters and words will increase or decrease. You can also copy and paste text into the web editor above from another program.

It's useful to know how many words are in a text. For example, suppose an author is required to write a certain number of words for an article, essay, report, tale, book, or paper. Word Counter will assist in ensuring that the word count meets a specified criteria or remains within a set limit.

The average speaking and reading time for your text can be seen in the Details overview, while Reading Level is a measure of the education level required to grasp the words you're using.