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This cnpj generator, just click on generate cnpj and a randomly valid CNPJ will be generated that can be used to register in software testing.

The National Registry of Legal Entities CNPJ is a unique number that identifies a legal entity in Brazil and other types without legal personality, as well as condominiums, public bodies, funds.

CNPJ numbers have 14 digits:

The first eight numbers (XX.XXX.XXX) form the main numbers, which identify the company. The following four digits after the slash (YYYY) form the suffix, which identifies a company's operating unit, that is, an address of business activity of the legal entity and the last two, after the dash (ZZ) form the "check digit" , which is the result of an equation with the previous twelve numbers. Thus, CNPJs in the format XX.XXX.XXX/0001-ZZ generally identify the company's headquarters.

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