SHA256 Generator

Online SHA256 hash generator, is a way to generate encryption. To use, just copy or type the text and click on the button to generate the SHA256.

The SHA-256 hash function was chosen to work with many cryptocurrencies because it provides a high level of security, making it ideal for the function of securely protecting and encoding your cryptocurrencies. information.

SHA-256 Algorithm Features

The hash algorithm only works in one direction: we can generate your hash (your "fingerprint") from any content, but we cannot generate the content associated with it from a hash, except for random testing until it is found.

SHA-256 is one of the most used algorithms to balance security and computational cost of generation, as it is a very efficient algorithm with high collision resistance.

Another feature of the SHA-256 hash method is that no matter how long the content used to generate the hash is: a letter or the complete Harry Potter book, the result is always a string of 64 letters and numbers (with an encoding of 256 bits and 32 bytes).