Strip HTML

For web developers and programmers, the world's simplest online HTML tag remover. Just paste your HTML in the form below, press the Strip Tags button, and you'll get HTML's inner text. Get text by pressing a button.

Why should you use Strip HTML to tidy up your text?

Strip HTML is a fast, simple, and pleasant way to turn your ugly formatted and/or HTMLified text into a clean and lovely text that you can enjoy.

The service can be useful for users who want to save a lot of time cleaning up sloppy material that is full of HTML tags and unattractive formatting.

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How does it get rid of HTML?

Strip HTML and unattractive formatting using a combination of Javascript methods and custom code. All you have to do now is paste the text and press the button, and you're done!

Because different apps and WYSIWYG editors employ different markup and custom formatting, the HTML stripper function may not be completely foolproof, but it should still be extremely useful.

Using this service to remove HTML from your text is completely free. I'm hoping that will make life easier for folks who work with the web, text, and HTML on a daily basis.